About Us

Soap-making is my passion and I want to do my best

Years ago I started making soap as a hobby to give as gifts to my friends and family. I stopped for several years, during which time my husband and I retired and moved from Indiana to sunny Henderson Nevada. I was getting bored with going to the casinos and watching Korean dramas. So in late 2022 with Christmas coming I decided to surprise the children and grandchildren with gifts of pretty soaps for Christmas.

I hope in the near future, as my shop becomes more profitable, to donate part of my profit to aid sick and orphan children.

So, as Bugs Bunny has famously said, "That's all folks."

Some Soap Photos

These are just made soaps. I shot the pictures with my cellphone.

A sampling of freshly made sunflower soaps

I love sunflowers.  These are freshly made yellow and white sunflower soaps

An assortment of my lavender soaps